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Store Name: Ashley Furniture HomeStore

Store Description: Ashley Furniture is one of the largest stores on the market of home decor, furniture, etc. Here you can find anything you or your interior designer may need. The availability of the products can be checked online, and then you’ll be able to choose whether you want to get your order from the offline store or wait for the delivery.They offer in-home and ground delivery. Store location feature will help you choose the closest store to you where you’ll be able to pick-up the products. We want to highlight the broad selection in every niche of home products available in Ashley Furniture.

Price range: Affordable

Telephone: 866-436-3388


Ashley Furniture comprises over 800 locations worldwide. It’s an old furniture manufacturing and distributing chain established back in 1997. They cover many countries, and the manufacturing process itself is happening in the United States. The production is owned by a father and son, which makes this a truly American independent business offering good quality furniture made in the center of the free world.

  • Product quality
  • Delivery
  • Value for money
  • Website ease of use
  • Product information
  • Product images
  • Product options
  • Returns & Refunds
  • Warranty
  • Store support
  • Payment options
  • Discounts
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  • Affordability
  • Proudly manufactured in the US
  • Fair and transparent returns
  • Mobile Apps
  • They support the environmental protection initiatives and work on recycling


  • Offline stores may have a bit different refund procedures
  • Their online support chat is unavailable
  • Their website design is a bit overwhelming

Product Range

They cover every category of the home products you may need: from beds, sofas, and chairs to pillows, rugs, and even lighting elements. One of their benefits is how big their selection of mattresses is. They offer dozens of mattresses types and styles.

Navigating through these huge categories may be hard for you, so they offer plenty of filtering options. They’ve added the menu items giving you access to shopping by room, style, collections, lifestyles and even colors. Other stores don’t have these much filtering options, and that’s a big plus. You can not only review the products by room but also check the furniture units with the colors that you know will fit the style of your home.

What makes this store good

– Number of offline stores
They’re available in more than 800 locations. Their website location manager will guide you right to the closest store around. It’s very convenient to pick-up your order from the showroom and not wait for the delivery.

– Working internationally
They’re available in many countries. According to the data available online, not all of the chain stores are owned by one corporation, but the general pricing guidelines are applied. The products are manufactured in the US, though.

– A broad selection of products
Every category includes hundreds of top-notch pieces. You can navigate through them using the custom filters.
Ashley Furniture Store

– Affordability of most popular items
Ashley Furniture can be called an affordable store. There are sofas that can be bought for around 500 dollars and, let’s be honest, it sounds perfect if you have a limited budget. With Ashley Furniture you’ll be able to furnish your place with the US-manufactured products for a reasonable price.


We want to highlight the fact that most of the products have very affordable pricing policies, and many of them can be delivered for free to any US state/city. Here’s a breakdown of the most popular positions:

  • Sofas — starting with $500
  • Beds — $180
  • Mattresses — $120
  • Coffee tables — $60
  • Accent chairs — $90
  • Rugs — $36
  • Pillows — $19

You can furnish your place under $1500 and buy all the essential things. For example, if you’re moving to the new rental that is not furnished at all — Ashley Furniture will work great for you.

Editorial Rating

Product quality — 4.5

The qualities are meeting, international standards since they operate worldwide and have such a big chain of offline and online stores. Customers tend to rate their experience of buying something from Ashley Furniture as the right decision.

Delivery — 5

They offer both regular and in-home delivery. The regular delivery via FedEx, UPS, or USPS will take place if you’ve ordered something small. If the item is big, it will be either shipped from the closest offline store/warehouse or will be shipped by their own freight services from the warehouse that has the item. That may affect the delivery timeframe.

Value for money — 5

It’s fair to admit that the prices are more than affordable. Getting yourself a cozy sofa under $1000 is great since the average price of the sofa in the US is around $1500. The quality you get may be less good than from stores like Joybird producing the custom-made furniture. However, what you get for this price is more than great. You’ll be happy.

Website ease of use — 4.5

Ashley Furniture HomeStore Website

The overall website experience is a bit overwhelming since they have lots of things happening on the screen at the same time. There are lots of different categories, products, and promos displayed on the main page, but don’t get scared away. They have fantastic filters offering you a chance to display just the categories you’re interested in or shop the products depending on the room you’re trying to decorate and furnish. This makes Ashley Furniture very convenient.

Product information — 5

They offer everything you may need on the product page. As an example, let’s check the average sofa page — assembly instructions in a . pdf format, all the dimensions, brief description of the item and easy navigation among the sections of product details, customer reviews, and product care tips.

We believe that’s everything you may need as a client.

Product images — 5

Most of the products like sofas, beds, coffee tables, and accent chairs have very extensive photo galleries. They allow you to see the product itself in details and review more than 3-4 pictures showcasing this product within different room interiors. It’s enough for you to make the decision of how this will look at home.

Product options — 4.5

Usually, the product page offers you a very standard set of options: color, sizing, and material. This is an average set of options, nothing special.

Support — 4.5

They offer the phone support and sometimes their chat is available. Unfortunately, at the moment of the review, the chat was unavailable. The customer service hours are not mentioned anywhere, so they’re most likely available through regular business hours.

Offline Stores

They’re available worldwide in more than 800 locations. You can use the store locator to find the closest one for the pick-up and check the availability of the particular product using your zip code.

Mobile App

They have their own application for both iOS and Android, offering smartphone users a better experience. It’s very rare for a furniture store, and it highlights the fact of how serious this store is.

Warranty — 4

The warranty varies depending on the product you’ve chosen. You can access the full list of warranty details by the section on the warranty information page. It’s the most convenient ways to check this information among the stores we’ve reviewed. Some stores simply do not mention the warranty, and some of them do not even offer it after all.

Returns & Refunds — 4.5

If you receive a damaged item — it will be replaced or repaired within 72 hours.

You can return the product within 30 days if you’re not satisfied with your product. However, you’ll be responsible for the return shipping in case you’re returning for any reason except the damage.

Please note: Refund timeframe and other details should be checked at the time of purchase when you deal with the offline store. Some of them may have small differences in procedures.


Ashley Furniture company recycles more than 280,000 tons of wood and more than 1,500 tons of metal annually. They’re also partnered with environment protection initiatives to support the safety of nature.

Country of production

They manufacture their products in the US with the headquarters based in Wisconsin. Then they distribute the US-made products around the globe.

Discounts/coupons — 4.5

They run promotions on different product categories and separate items. They also offer up to 20% discount for interior designers and industry professionals in their Trade Program.

Payment options — 4.5

You can check out with a Credit Card or use the PayPal checkout.


Ashley Furniture Bestsellers

Alisdair Queen Sleigh Bed / $229.99
Dolante Queen Upholstered Bed / $199.99
10 Inch Bonnell PT Twin Mattress / $244.30
Culverbach Dresser
Alenya 3-Piece Sectional

We recommend/not recommend you if

Recommended if

  • You’re looking for furniture and decor pieces produced in the US
  • You want to furnish your home using only one website
  • You want to pick-up the products from the offline store
  • You’re looking for affordable furniture

Not recommended if

  • You want something more custom-made
  • You want something exotic and exclusive

Is this shop legit?

It’s accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has the A+ score. Ashley Furniture is a huge and well-known recognizable brand in the world.


1Do I need to sign up to make a purchase?

No, it’s possible to check out as a guest without the need of signing up. However, you won’t have access to their special promotions, so we recommend you signing up.

2Can I track my order after the purchase?

Yes, you can always track your order online.

3Do they provide tracking numbers for the shipped packages?

You will be notified that the product has been shipped. You’ll get the tracking number via email.

4What delivery services they use?

UPS, USPS, and FedEx for regular ground delivery. They deliver their products via their own in-home delivery when the product is large.

5Do they have location restrictions?

Not stated, but you can check their store locator to see whether they cover your area.

6Do they offer gift cards?

Unfortunately, they do not sell electronic gift cards right now. However, you can check with your local store. Many of them are operated separately and may have their own gift card policies.

Customer Reviews

Tanner Harris
Tanner Harris
00:29 13 Aug 19
Awesome service. Not pushy and didn’t stalk me around the store. Great selection and super staff that is patient while you work through sizes, colors, and measurements. Ask for Richard
Lawrence Barnes
Lawrence Barnes
00:07 03 Aug 19
Bought leather couch and love seat on a great deal at Ashley furniture. The night before we scheduled to pick them up they called us and told us that they oversold them and did not have the furniture we had already paid for. Told us to go back to the store and they would get us something equal or better for no additional charge. Inconvenienced (had to cancel the trailer and help I had arranged to pick up the set), I figured I’ll suck it up and make another trip to the store (hate shopping).Show up at the store and have to wait for apparently the one manager on duty.... getting annoyed wasting a Friday night at Ashley’s. She finally shows up, apologizes for the inconvenience, but then immediately hands us off (actions speak louder than words) to a sales rep who starts showing us fake leather and crappier sets than the one we had purchased... awesome. Realize after the second horrible set that they show us, they are not going to make an honest effort to make right on THEIR mistake.Based on this experience, it is pretty easy to see why the store looked like a ghost town. How quickly it changed from us being excited about our new furniture set, to realize it was all bait and switch...Wish them no ill will, and felt bad for the poor customer service girl who processed our refund, as I know we probably were not giving off the best vibes at that point.No matter how great of a deal they advertise, based on this experience, would never go back.
Chelsey Casimir
Chelsey Casimir
20:11 27 Jul 19
I have used this location multiple times and prior to this last one it was great hence the return and referrals. I have sent multiple people here and this time sent my husband to get a recliner. Sales person was nice. He had a computer issue and we were told the first transaction was declined. It ended up charging us twice they called the following day and told us we had to come in for a refund.We asked about delivery and they could not deliver with our schedule. We asked if we could pick it up and it was a few days out. The hours conflicted with work schedules so we called in and asked for it to be delivered they said yes but we had to go into the store we could not pay over the phone. Again hours conflicted with scheduling if we were going to go into the store we could just pick it up. After leaving work early and picking it up the chair came home. The first day we noticed a catch in the rocker base. It wiggles out of place and makes a noise. With a new born baby in hand I was not comfortable with the wiggle because it feels like the chair is going to tip over. We called in to ask for a tech to come out and take a look at it. We were told no because we did not have it delivered they could not send someone and we had to take the chair to their warehouse to fix it. We let them know that was not going to work because if how difficult it was to pick the chair up in the first place. We explained the whole situation and issues we had from the get go and were still told there was nothing they could do. After waiting on the phone for a manager and never receiving an answer we are now here... I sent my husband here because as said earlier my home is furnished through Ashley's and this location they have been great,but I am extremely disappointed in this go around especially because the purpose was comfort for me and my newborn child and I was let down. I will not refer or personally purchase from this location again.
Eric Rolls
Eric Rolls
02:03 24 Jun 19
The sales associate was patient with our dicision making. He was not pushy and met our needs very well. He saved us money whenever he was able. Very are very pleased with the service provided.
Nichelle Trujillo
Nichelle Trujillo
03:39 08 Jun 19
Such an amazing experience. We came here looking for a bedroom set and couches. We are walking away with a complete bedroom set and living room set for such an amazing deal. David was so nice and very understanding with our budget. David took the time to explain multiple things to us and let us know all our options. I will always a recommend Ashley’s Furniture to everyone because David and his team made this experience a very enjoyable Friday night. Thank you David and Ashley furniture for our new furniture!
Sebastian perez
Sebastian perez
22:46 25 May 19
Staff was really friendly and especially Spencer. We told him what we were looking for and he pointed us to exactly where we needed to go. He wasn't pushy like some people at other places just genuinely wanted us to find what we were looking for. Nicole the store manager was also amazing and helped us finish our purchase. Definitely will come back for future purchases and highly recommend.
21:51 22 May 19
The woman who took care of us was outstanding and patient. She was very professional and most importantly we felt as if she was working for us. We haggled with her on price and she accommodated our every request. I would most definitely recommend shopping at Ashley Furniture for your home needs.
Our Account Razo
Our Account Razo
22:46 21 May 19
We had a great experience here! The store is clean, the employees are friendly and not too overbearing. Melanie was an awesome help in finding just the right pieces for us. Pat was great to help her answer any questions that she didn’t know. We will definitely be back!