Protect Floors

Floor Protection 101: How Your Furniture & Floors Can Get Along

Having trouble with the furniture scratching your expensive hardwood floors? Learn how to make it right with our shortlist of practical tips. See our expertise to keep your floors scratch-free and shiny. Move Furniture Around Carefully First and foremost, you’ve […]

Glaze furniture

How to Glaze Your Furniture

Our today’s post will cover the topic of furniture glazing and provide you with the full list of the ins and outs for this process. We want you to be able to glaze your furniture right away and have all […]

Clean leather furniture

How to Clean Leather Furniture in 12 Easy Steps

Leather furniture is easy on the eye and a total luxury to the senses. Leather is often more valuable than regular upholstery. It also gains more value over time and ages well. Your leather sofa can look prettier 5 years […]

Clean couch

How to Clean a Couch: A Complete Guide

One of the most preferred relaxing spots in one’s house is the couch. Your go-to place to unwind. Unfortunately, as the days pass, your couch will have stains from food leftovers, spilled liquids, oil smudges, dirt, pet’s hair, and other […]

ship furniture

How to Ship Furniture: From A to Z

Shipping furniture can be a tedious task for shipping companies let alone individuals like you and me. Sometimes it gets difficult to manage and understand the process of packing and shipping furniture especially since it’s a several-step semi-complicated process. But […]

whitewash furniture

How to Whitewash Furniture

Whitewashing has quickly become a trend when it comes to revamping your home. It adds a beautiful feel to your space – maintaining the natural warmth of wood while lightening up the overall mood. Whitewashing wooden furniture can help you […]

Best time to buy furniture

When is the Best Time to Buy Furniture?

Looking to replace some a few tired pieces of furniture? Don’t rush out to do so and be strategic about your timing. Making your purchase at a certain time of the year can give you the absolute best band for […]

painting furniture

How To Paint Furniture

There are a lot of reasons why you would want to paint that ugly pink dresser at your grandma’s house, so I compiled a list to convince you to put the dresser out of its misery: You’re broke. You want […]