Wayfair vs Overstock

Wayfair vs Overstock

With online shopping, there’s simply something for everyone. You can get access to millions of products and have them delivered at your doorstep. The problem is that having too many options can be debilitating, particularly if different websites offer very […]


Target Review

Product Range Your interaction with the Target website may be overwhelming due to the fact that furniture and home decor is not the only category that Target operates in. But once you open the furniture category, you will see the […]

Protect Floors

Floor Protection 101: How Your Furniture & Floors Can Get Along

Having trouble with the furniture scratching your expensive hardwood floors? Learn how to make it right with our shortlist of practical tips. See our expertise to keep your floors scratch-free and shiny. Move Furniture Around Carefully First and foremost, you’ve […]

Glaze furniture

How to Glaze Your Furniture

Our today’s post will cover the topic of furniture glazing and provide you with the full list of the ins and outs for this process. We want you to be able to glaze your furniture right away and have all […]

Clean leather furniture

How to Clean Leather Furniture in 12 Easy Steps

Leather furniture is easy on the eye and a total luxury to the senses. Leather is often more valuable than regular upholstery. It also gains more value over time and ages well. Your leather sofa can look prettier 5 years […]

Saatva Coupon Codes

Saatva Coupon Codes 2019

Saatva is a store where you can get a pretty great deal if you’re looking for direct purchase from the manufacturer of the mattresses. They make their products in the US and ship from their warehouses directly to you avoiding […]

Bear Mattress coupon codes

Bear Mattress Coupon Codes 2019

A company that stands behind its brand and provides a fantastic product quality. The price can be sometimes high, though. But that’s because they design mattresses out of the high-quality elements. With a 25 years experience behind their back, Bear […]

Lowes Website

Lowe’s Review 2019

Product Range Lowe’s is an enormous store where you can find anything you may need during the home renovation. Since home improvement is their primary category, you’ll find a lot of tools and materials for the renovation process. Furniture and […]