Sometimes our furniture can become completely obsolete. Moving from one rental to another may result in an excessive number of furniture that you don’t use, and it’s not really cool to throw it out to the trash.

Have you considered to put your furniture to good use? There are several ways of how you can get rid of your old furniture. We’ve prepared a detailed guide to help you with this problem. But first things first, let us explain you the whole concept of furniture donation.

Old furniture

Prepare your furniture first

This is the fundamental thing that everyone should remember while giving away the furniture. It’s super nice of you if you’re ready to donate your furniture for free to some organization or person, but you’ve got to remember the general rule of thumb — the condition should be as good as possible.

It’s quite disrespectful to give out furniture in super-bad condition. People deserve it to be in usable condition.

Contribute to your local non-profit

Non-profit organizations usually have problems with furnishing their offices and creative spaces. Since they don’t have the income to waste on such things, they would be happy to receive a sofa or table that you don’t need.

Trust me; they’ll find the best place to put it.

donate furniture

Offer your furniture to a local theater

Theaters require lots of additional furniture that they may use during their plays, especially when it comes to old, vintage, and retro-like pieces.

Make a quick research on the theaters in your area and give them a call to check whether they may find a use for some of your old furniture you don’t need. Usually, they may even offer you to pick it up themselves, so you won’t have to deal with the hassle of moving it somewhere on your own.

Offer it to homeless people in your area

Those people who do not have permanent home often experience lots of inconveniences sleeping on the ground or not having a chair to sit on. This makes them walk around and look for something broken in the trash and fix it on their own.

Why not help them? You can put your old but good sofa or chair near the trash cans and put a ‘free’ sign as an indication that anyone can take and use it.

Try social media and online platforms to get rid of your furniture

Social platforms and different classified can really help when you’re trying to get rid of something.

Usually, websites with classified ads even have special categories for any product you may want to give away for free. Just publish an ad that you’re ready to give out a good piece of furniture, add some photos, and you’ll get lots of calls from those who try to furnish their place at a shoestring budget. There are plenty of them out there.

Social media can also help a lot. You may not see that, but sometimes our friends and friends of a friend may be in search of a good sofa or table for their living room. Just publish a post and tell your social contacts what kind of furniture you’re ready to give out and you’ll be surprised how fast you’ll get rid of it.

Consider refinishing the old furniture you don’t like

Sometimes we decide to get rid of some furniture piece just because we don’t like it anymore. Maybe the look, style or color. But why bother yourself with finding a new home for your old table if you can refresh it looks?

There are many ways to refinish your furniture and change the way it looks. Actually, we have an ultimate guide on that, make sure you check this out.

It may take some time, but the supplies are not really expensive, and it’s entertaining, so consider this option as well. You may eliminate the whole problem and get yourself an exclusive piece of furniture. Isn’t that just great?

Try repurposing your furniture

There is another idea that you may try to avoid getting rid of your furniture — repurposing. So let’s say you have an old TV set or an old bathtub that you no longer need. You can always try to put it to another use. For example, the tub can be used as a large pot for garden plants in the backyard of your house.

An old TV can serve as a living space for your small pets or as an aquarium for your fish. Alternative usage ideas can be found literally for anything. Just try being creative, and you’ll definitely come up with something.

Why not fix and sell?

It would be really nice of you to donate your furniture to a non-profit organization or theater. However, sometimes people don’t realize that their old furniture can be sold. You can make some quick money if you do it right.

Even if your table, sofa, or chair do not look good, you can turn the situation around. Make all the necessary improvements, work a bit on your furniture and fix the broken parts. Then go to the classifieds or social media and sell it for a reasonable amount of money.

This may actually help you if you’re selling the old unit and plan to buy the new one. This way you’ll be able to use this money to finance your next purchase.

Always remember that a bit of additional work may result in a good profit.


Old furniture can be a real pain if you moved to a new place and simply didn’t find a place for your old sofa, table or cabinet. There is no way for you to keep it, but it doesn’t mean that you’ve got to throw it away or panic. Use our guide as a checklist, choose the best option that may work for you, and just give it a try.