Looking to replace some a few tired pieces of furniture? Don’t rush out to do so and be strategic about your timing. Making your purchase at a certain time of the year can give you the absolute best band for your buck.

Best time to buy furniture

Indoor Furniture

Retail floors tend to display new styles of indoor furniture twice a year, in the spring and fall to be more specific, which means that you’ll need to be on the lookout for indoor furniture in the period just before the new styles hit the market, which is towards the end of winter in the months of January and February or the end of summer in the months of August and September.

Expect to see significant cuts on the prices of old stock in these months. Also, you’ll find that most retailers will be willing to haggle the prices even lower so that they can get rid of the remaining pieces of furniture and make room for the new arriving stock. Moreover, try to go out shopping for furniture on Labor Day and Presidents Day as they tend to be good times for sales.

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Outdoor Furniture

By the end of the summer, you’ll find that most showrooms want to get rid of their outdoor stock to make room for winter furniture, and that’s exactly the time to strike as everything will most likely be notably discounted. Most importantly, don’t wait too long to start your shopping spree because you’re not the only person who’s on the lookout in this time of the year and you might miss out on some of the best selections.

Try to talk to some sales associates before the start of August to see how they’re planning to deal with the stock from last season and how far they’re willing to mark things down. You should expect significant discounts until the month of October. Might as well take their phone numbers and inquire about things when the time is right. Also, keep your eyes open for sales and discounts on The Fourth of July.

Used Furniture

Thrift shops and consignment stores are usually packed with good-quality furniture during the months of July and August, so it’s a good idea to stop at these stores on a weekly basis to see what they have to offer. Moreover, you want to get used to checking out yard sales, moving sales, and estate sales as they usually tend to have great deals.

And unlike retail stores, you’d have an easier time haggling the prices down. You also want to visit websites such as Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace frequently to check out the types of deals they have there.

Best Overall

There are conflicting opinions about which month is the best for buying furniture. Some say it’s July, while others seem to think January is the ideal time for the best deals. Both are pretty solid opinions so it won’t hurt to go out shopping in both months, and Here’s why.


January is one of those two times of the year when new furniture hits the showrooms, so it leaves retailers no choice but to get rid of last year’s stock as quickly as possible to make room for the present year’s furniture, so definitely try to make use of that time of the year.


There are plenty of reasons why July is also a great time for furniture shopping. The summer is already known for large sales, making it easier to get a deep discount on furniture. Also, you can get some last-chance deals before the start of August because that’s the time when new styles are released. Additionally, you can take advantage of days such as The Fourth of July and of the fact that you’d have saved enough money after the excessive spending that happens during the holiday season.

Final Words

Make use of whatever foldable chairs and stained sofas you have for the time being, practice your haggling skills, save up some money, and be patient until the right time comes for furniture shopping, you can save a lot of money this way.