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Store Name: Lowe's

Store Description: Lowes can be considered one of the most attractive stores for DIY and home-improvement enthusiasts. The pricing and selection of this store can help you bring any kind of renovation project to life. Improving your home is way easier when you have one place to shop for tools, furniture pieces, appliances, and outdoor items.

Price range: Affordable

Telephone: 1-800-445-6937


Looking for a place to discover everything you need for a successful DIY and home improvement projects? Lowes can be your best destination. Having more than 2,000 offline stores nationwide and local brunch in Canada, Lowes covers the needs of an average American and everyone living on the continental and non-continental side of the US.

Try shopping on Lowes and enjoy a wide selection of tools, furniture pieces and decor elements with affordable pricing.

  • Product quality
  • Delivery
  • Value for money
  • Website ease of use
  • Product information
  • Product images
  • Product options
  • Returns & Refunds
  • Warranty
  • Store support
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  • They deliver to the non-continental parts of US
  • They have a separate website for Canada
  • They have more than 2,000 offline stores
  • They have free shipping on orders of $45 and higher
  • They deliver to FPO, APO and P.O. boxes if the product fits the sizing requirements
  • Literally, anything for your home improvement project is there


  • Some of their products (like refrigerators, for example) can be returned within 30 days, not 90
  • Since they cover so many home improvement and interior categories of products, it’s hard to track the quality of each item they sell
  • They do not have a live chat customer service option
  • You cannot pay with PayPal or Amazon Pay

Product range

Lowes is an enormous store where you can find anything you may need during the home renovation. Since home improvement is their primary category, you’ll find a lot of tools and materials for the renovation process. Furniture and interior design pieces got a separate section. So the Lowes products will not only help you furnish your apartment on a budget but also provide you with the tools to renovate your home. You will be able to order the home improvement services and find a professional to help you with the home-related work as well. This is a platform that covers the whole cycle of home improvement and interior design for you.

What makes this store good

  • They deliver to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, Palau, US Virgin Islands
  • They offer delivery to APO, FPO and PO boxes
  • They provide you with a wide range of home improvements products including the maintenance tools to support your home improvement ideas
  • They offer rebates
  • They have offline stores where you can pick-up your orders
  • They offer the price match feature
  • You can order home improvement services from Lowes

Lowe's store


The pricing policy of the Lowes store is very affordable. You can shop here no matter the budget size. Here you’ll find the following prices for the most popular home goods categories:

  • Beds starting with $205
  • Coffee tables starting with $50
  • Mattresses starting with $84
  • Chairs starting with $72
  • Rugs starting with $6
  • Pillows starting with $4

The prices for the tools and accessories are also more affordable than many stores can offer.

Editorial rating

Product quality – 4

Lowes is a world-known brand that provides customers with top-notch products. Since they offer affordable pricing for their products, you’ve got to understand that the cheapest option is not always the best from the quality point of view. Every product category in their store has luxurious pieces and cheaper alternatives. You can find the balance between the price and features that the product provides you with. Then you’ll get a really good product at a fair price.

Delivery – 4.5

They use the UPS, USPS and FedEx services to deliver their items to the customers. You have an option to pick-up the product in the offline store and the delivery charge will be $0.

Orders of $45 and more are eligible for free shipping. Usually, the delivery takes 1-3 business days.

Value for money — 4

Since they cover affordable and high-quality niches, it all depends on your financial situation. You can get a truly great product if you do not go with the cheapest product. Choose the balanced price and you’ll be happy with the items you get.

Website ease of use – 5

lowes website

Their website is not a masterpiece of web design. However, it’s very simple and convenient. This is crucial for the store, navigating Lowes website is easy and they do not have anything annoying or causing technical difficulties. It’s optimized and well-tailored.

Product information – 5

Most of their products have an extensive data set where you can find detailed specifications, dimensions of the items and other necessary information. It’s also very convenient that they have the information regarding the delivery and returns on the product page to help you learn everything you may need during your ordering process.

Product images – 5

Usually, their products have more than 5 high-quality pictures showcasing the product from different angles. You can also find there the interior-made photos to see how it fits in the room. Also, most of their products have a close-up photo of the item’s material/color.

Product options – 4

Some of their products are available in different colors and materials. When it comes to furniture and home goods, not all of them have a few options to choose from.

Support – 4.5

They have a big frequently asked questions section. They also have separate phone lines for different questions depending on what kind of issue you have. This is convenient and helps you avoid wasting time and waiting for the proper department to kick in when you call. They do not have an online chat though.

Offline Stores

Lowes covers more than 2,000 locations when it comes to offline stores. You can pick up your online orders there or simply go offline shopping without browsing the internet from your laptop. This is very convenient since their stores are available nationwide. You can also process the returns through their stores to avoid paying for return shipping.

Mobile App

They have apps for both iOS and Android users. Both of their mobile applications have very good reviews in the stores. This is a great option for mobile shopping if you do not find their website convenient enough.

Warranty — 4.5

Most products are covered by the lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. However, Lowes also offers you to buy the protection plan to ensure that your items last beyond the manufacturer’s warranty period. It’s up to you to decide what works best for you.

Returns & Refunds – 4

Lowes accept returns when you’re not satisfied with your purchase. The item should be new and have the original packaging. You have 90 days after the purchase to return the items.

You’ve got to have the receipt to receive the refund.

In case you make the return of the purchase made with the gift card — you will get the store credit, not the refund.

If you decide to return the item to their offline store and do not have an original receipt — you’ll need a valid ID document.

Some products can only be returned within the 30 days after the purchase. See the full list of return exceptions by the link.


They do not specifically state anything about the eco-friendliness of their products. However, Lowes employees support environmental protection initiatives and encourage their customers to use reusable bags. Lowes is focused on providing you with the tools and products for the home improvement, but you’ll have to check with their sales reps regarding the eco-friendliness of the specific product after all.

Country of production

Some products are marked as ‘proudly made in the US’, some of their items are not. This means that they provide their customers with products from various countries.

Discounts/coupons – 4.5

Their website offers you the deal of the day and weekly tips on the hottest promos. If you devote your time to watching out for a product you desire to get, you’ll probably see it featured one day among the offered deals and save some money on your purchase.

You can also review their ‘weekly ad’ section to see the local deals in their offline stores.

Payment options — 4

You can only pay with your Credit/Debit card. They also offer you to use the VISA Secure Checkout services, but it still means that you need to have a card. You won’t be able to pay through Amazon Pay, PayPal or Affirm.


Lowes bestsellers

Recommended if

  • You want to order something and you live outside the continental US
  • You want to ship your order to APO, FPO or P.O. box
  • You’re looking for a store with an offline presence
  • You’re from Canada
  • You want to find every home improvement tool and material in one store

Not recommended if

  • You prefer custom-designed furniture
  • You’re looking for luxurious brands
  • You want to pay for your orders with PayPal or Amazon Pay

Is this shop legit?

This is a well-known shop with lots of physical stores and own representation in Canada. A trustworthy store with a clear background.


1Do I need to sign up to make a purchase?

You do not need to sign up Lowes website to place an order. You can do it as a guest user.

2Can I track my order after the purchase?

You will be able to do so in the order status section and using the tracking number from a shipping company.

3Do they provide tracking numbers for the shipped packages?

Yes, you will receive a tracking number of one of their shipping partners listed below.

4What delivery services they use?

They use UPS, USPS, and FedEx as their primary shipping partners.

5Do they have location restrictions?

They do not ship international orders. They also have weight and size restrictions for the orders shipped to APO, FPO and PO boxes.

6Do they offer gift cards?

They offer a lot of options when it comes to gift cards. You can choose from card designs for various occasions. Also, they offer a corporate gift card which will work great as a reward for your employees if you run a business. You can check the gift card balance online on the Lowes website.

Customer reviews

Based on 2336 reviews
Ramiro Cairo
Ramiro Cairo
04:01 15 Nov 19
Wood cuts? 8 out of 10 times I wanted to get some cuts, the machine had a beautiful sign that said 'Out of order' Please don't rely on that.
22:37 13 Nov 19
Great store for fans to change the design. you can always find something new and interesting for your interior exterior, your homestead and a small country house. cheaper than anywhere else. fast delivery when ordering from the Internet.
John Fulwood
John Fulwood
04:55 13 Nov 19
Great place for none contractors to buy building materials n appliances. Convenience.
Ramiro Cairo
Ramiro Cairo
03:32 10 Nov 19
Wood cuts? 8 out of ten times I wanted to get some cuts, the machine has a beautiful sign that says 'Out of order' Please don't rely on that.
Adolfo Martinez
Adolfo Martinez
20:19 07 Nov 19
Has improved a lot supplies are great .well not enough employees to help
Heather Johnson
Heather Johnson
03:42 05 Nov 19
Excellent service and they have a high quality appliances. Staffs were knowledgeable and easy to approach. And I found the stuffs that I was looking for.
Tony Godshall
Tony Godshall
02:40 26 Oct 19
Handy when my local hardware stores are closed or don't have what I'm looking for. But the online order system for in-store pickup is horrible. Order was in "preparing for pick up from 6:30 am till closing". I went in and picked it myself. Previous times I've waited 45 minutes before giving up for an order that was supposedly ready.
Hilmar Koch
Hilmar Koch
21:05 19 Oct 19
This is an impressively well stocked store. Found fire bricks here which were unavailable just about anywhere else. A nice lady in outside garden helped me make sure they are in stock before I made the trip. Only area of improvement: the call in and help want wrong 6 times before I got a hold of said associate.
Kim Lavin
Kim Lavin
20:38 19 Oct 19
Sterling, David basically the lawn and garden section those men know about landscaping and we didn't have to wait all day for them to get to some pavers on a top shelf David said one moment and not even a second later someone with a forklift appeared. they're on top of their game. I go here alot for different items and sterling and david are so helpful . I'm thankful for their service.
Steve McCormick
Steve McCormick
01:02 18 Oct 19
It's OK. This Lowe's is about 1/3 the size of the typical Lowe's. It appears that many employees are in a training mode here. That, along with occasional 'out of stock' issues are the reason for the 3 stars. If you know what you want and they have it, it's fine. And it's very close to where I work.
Jose R Moreno
Jose R Moreno
17:31 17 Oct 19
Always great service, I was in need of some la Habrá base 100 16/20 and the fork lift crew where very helpful.Great materials for stucco, so much better than home depot.
Timothy M. Brown
Timothy M. Brown
20:11 15 Oct 19
One employee went above and beyond to help when most employees only offered "what you are looking for is right here". After locating the product this employee made sure it was the right tool for the task at hand!
Lucas Floyd
Lucas Floyd
00:00 14 Oct 19
The customer service here is pretty poor. Some employees are helpful and friendly, others are out of it, shuffling around, talking to each other, or just generally look like they don’t want to be there or help you. I come here cause it’s convenient and they are open late, but you’ll get much better service going to Center Hardware on 3rd.
Lucas Floyd
Lucas Floyd
00:00 14 Oct 19
The customer service here is pretty poor. Some employees are helpful and friendly, others are out of it, shuffling around, talking to each other, or just generally look like they don’t want to be there or help you. I come here cause it’s convenient and they are open late, but you’ll get much better service going to Center Hardware on 3rd.
master jason
master jason
20:03 13 Oct 19
This is the only store of its kind other than home depot at Daly city. Goodman's Lumber used to be in the same spot years ago. They carry mostly essential things and it is worth visiting as the prices are very competitive.
Pettrenelia Thomas
Pettrenelia Thomas
01:32 09 Oct 19
I am very pleased with Lowe except it took me almost a hour for someone 2 help me n the kitchen appliance area You need 2 hire more help...
Vanessa Lee
Vanessa Lee
03:27 21 Sep 19
Special shoutout to Armando from DSI logistics for delivering our order for us and driving all the way through traffic. And Raquel for taking care of our order and helping me through it. Also Rick, for taking care of getting the order ready the night before after closing. So appreciative of all these employees!
S Harrison
S Harrison
18:31 09 Sep 19
Some of the staff there are friendly and knowledgable others not so much. Try to find one that is friendly and you will find everything you need. Find one that fits the not so much category and you are in for a long day..
Monica B.
Monica B.
15:30 04 Sep 19
Easy parking; very good selection, except for some reason, they were low on floor lamps in stock on the floor on my most recent visit. Sometimes it is hard to find someone to help you, so be prepared to figure things out yourself. There is always plenty of parking but sometimes it takes some time to be checked out due to lack of cashiers.
Lorena Stev
Lorena Stev
11:07 29 Aug 19
AWESOME!!!! That is the one word that describes my experience with David and his team. As a first time home buyer, David was very helpful and provided excellent customer service. I love my new flooring!!! Highly, highly, highly recommend!!
Rene Mendieta
Rene Mendieta
23:15 21 Aug 19
Was easy to find what I was looking for. Everything moved smoothly.. atire waa relax
Tic Shooter
Tic Shooter
07:15 16 Aug 19
It's our local Lowe's. Yeah they got pretty much everything you'll need for the home do it yourselfers. Not crowded with contractors like Home Depot. Lines aren't long at the register and workers everywhere too assist you with needs. Stop off at L&L BBQ in this strip mall or enjoy one of the other restaurants close by before you come here. If after your meal nature calls, the bathrooms are clean here..... 😉
Rodrigo P. Feliciano
Rodrigo P. Feliciano
21:14 09 Aug 19
Amazing variety of hardware items to choose from. Try their free kitchen design service.Lowe’s staff members are knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. Lanna, Lowe’s kitchen designer, was excellent in helping us.Close by Lowe’s are a variety of restaurants and the delightful Tanforan Mall.
Michael H
Michael H
04:04 19 Jul 19
Staff was completely useless. They avoid the customers like we have the plague. Otherwise just fine. Short lines and reasonable prices
Victoria L.
Victoria L.
17:22 29 Apr 18
This store is huge and candidly, I can admit that it can be rather intimidating for a girly girl like me. For years I have come to rely on the expertise of...
Vee H.
Vee H.
19:03 04 Mar 18
I found out that my boys cracked their brand new fiberglass tub (SMH) so we ran out to Lowe's to pick up a product called Flex Seal. Well this stuff comes...
Chris S.
Chris S.
08:02 10 Oct 17
I thought I was buying a house but it seems that I live HERE now! While the University Lowe's home improvement is closer to my new home, I find that I like...

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Furniture consultant and founder , FurnitureCap
Hi, I’m a furniture consultant with the industry expertise. I worked with the most prominent furniture and home goods retailers in the US and had a chance to see this industry from the inside. My 8+ years of experience in furniture production management made it clear for me how crucial it is to know what stores and manufacturers you can or cannot trust.
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