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Store Name: Overstock

Store Description: Overstock may become your biggest gateway to furniture brands nationwide. As a retailer, they work closely with dozens of major market players and offer a broad selection of home furniture and decor.Being recognized by industry experts as one of the most trustworthy brands on the market, Overstock will be your reliable guide to furniture and home improvement items shopping.

Price range: Affordable; Mid-Range

Telephone: 919-576-9926


Overstock is a grand internet retailer with a tremendous number of items available for sale in all home decor and improvement categories. You can find furniture, pillows, rugs, dinnerware, outdoor furniture pieces, and even jewelry pieces. Their most significant benefit is the ability to discover liquidation and clearance products. Since they originally started as a store that sells liquidation items, they still have a lot to offer in this niche. Note that they also sell lots of entirely new items. As a retailer they work with lots of big manufacturers.

  • Product quality
  • Delivery
  • Value for money
  • Website ease of use
  • Product information
  • Product images
  • Product options
  • Returns & Refunds
  • Warranty
  • Store support
  • Payment options
  • Discounts
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  • A large number of brands and manufacturers available
  • Liquidation and clearance items with better pricing
  • Wide range of affordable and mid-range products


  • Big retailers like Overstock may not be able to perform the quality control properly
  • They don’t give you to choose the shipping method

Product Range

They have so many categories and sub-categories that it may even seem a bit overwhelming for you at first sight. No worries, it’s always great to have an opportunity to choose among thousands of similar products. This way, you’ll be able to find the item of your dreams.

Overstock offers all the traditional furniture types, decor elements, lighting elements, and outdoor units. Additionally, they offer apparel, health & care products, electronics, and even pet supplies. This may be the biggest store you’ll find for home improvement shopping.

What makes this store good

It’s one of the biggest retailers that, basically, help you access the millions of items nationwide. Working with brands from the biggest to smaller ones, Overstock is becoming a unique platform for retail shopping.


Since they have many partnerships with furniture brands, you can find both affordable and mid-range items on the website. You can even find a sofa for $275 if you set yourself a goal and scroll the website attentively. They allow you to filter out the cheapest and most expensive deals they have to offer. Among the most popular items, the prices can be broken down into:

  • Sofas — starting with $275
  • Beds — $120
  • Coffee tables — $21
  • Chairs — $50
  • Rugs — $15
  • Sectionals — $316
  • Dining Sets — $92

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Editorial Rating

Product quality — 4

Since Overstock is a retail marketplace where merchants can start selling their products after their application is approved, it depends on the brand you shop. Overstock is quite big, it’s very similar to eBay and Amazon, so it’s complicated to track the quality of every product and perform the quality assurance. Make sure you read reviews about the brands you’re about to shop with and do your research to avoid lousy product quality.

Delivery — 3.5

The shipping time frame can vary for the same reason — Overstock is a marketplace with different merchants. Usually, they deliver their products via ground shipping within 3-5 days. However, most oversize products can be handled and shipped up to 1-6 weeks, so make sure you check the shipping details with the merchant during the order.

Value for money — 4

Overstock is home to many big and affordable brands. To navigate through them and ensure the right choice, you’ve got to pay attention to reviews and customers’ feedback. In general, you’ve got to look for something with a fair price, not weirdly cheap price. Then you’ll get a good product and a reasonable price.

Website ease of use — 4

Overstock website

It’s easy to navigate, it’s very convenient that they stick the header with the product description sections to the top. This way, you can go to the needed section with only one click. However, Overstock has the same problem in UI/UX that any huge marketplace like Amazon — it displays so much info that you can get lost and confused.

Product information — 5

They provide a lot of information along with the reviews and popular questions/answers. You can easily navigate to the shipping and handling info or browse the tips/inspiration. Also, many products have more than one language available for the specifications like type, finish, color, etc. It highlights how serious Overstock is as a project.

Product images — 4.5

It depends on the merchant/supplier, but most of the best products have many high-quality images. You can review almost every detail of the product and even discover the blueprint of this particular item.

Product options — 5

They’ve made the color/finish option more convenient than an average furniture website. Once you choose the finish, you’ll see the close up of this material on the screen. It’s much easier to understand the texture, colors, etc.

Support — 4

They have a Help Center, and their customer service department has the following working hours:

  • Monday – Friday
    8:00 AM – 12:00 AM EST
  • Saturday – Sunday
    9:00 AM – 9:00 PM EST

International customers can get customer service on:

  • Monday – Friday
    8:00 AM – 10:00 PM EST

Please note that their support department is closed on weekends.

Offline Stores

They have an outlet store on 1790 South 4800 West Suite D Salt Lake City, UT 84104.

Mobile App

They have both Android and iOS mobile apps to help the smartphone owners browse Overstock with ease.

Warranty — 4

The warranty policy varies depending on the brand, product, and how custom it is. However, they also offer the platinum 2-year warranty for all the products in the store, so that you can consider this option too.

Returns & Refunds — 4.5

Overstock team accepts returns within 30-days of delivery. You should use the original packaging and send the product in a new condition. If the problem was caused by the Overstock error — you’ll get a full refund including the shipping charges.

If you return the product just because you do not like it — the shipping charges won’t be refunded + you’ll have to pay for the return shipping.

If you send back a damaged product, you may get a partial refund.


They do support environment protection initiatives, but as for the eco-friendly furniture production — it depends on the brand you choose. It’s a marketplace, so they have plenty of brands on their platform. You’ll have to put an effort to find eco-friendly products. However, you’ll find those after all. For example, they have eco-friendly rugs and other decor elements.

Country of production

They have too many brands to highlight one country of production. Items are produced worldwide.

Discounts/coupons — 4

Overstock has an individual page with coupons that you can always check for a tasty deal. It’s super-convenient.

Payment options — 5

They have plenty of options among payment systems. Overstock became the first furniture website to accept Bitcoin by partnering with the Coinbase.


Overstock Bestsellers

We recommend/not recommend you if

Recommended if

  • You want to shop dozens of brands in one place
  • You’re looking for liquidation products with discounted prices
  • You’re looking for a big and legit shop

Not recommended if

  • You want to be in control of your shipping process
  • You want more customizable products
  • You’re into more luxurious furniture
  • You want to be sure the store controls every step of merchants they work with

Is this shop legit?

Overstock is a giant international company that had an IPO. Their stocks are traded daily. It’s a reliable and legit store.


1Do I need to sign up to make a purchase?

No, you can check out as a guest without the need of signing up.

2Can I track my order after the purchase?

Yes, you’ll be able to track your order on order tracking page.

3Do they provide tracking numbers for the shipped packages?

They do, you’ll receive an email. Also, it will be available in your account.

4What delivery services they use?

They use UPS, FedEx, and the United States Postal Service (USPS). Freight shipments can be shipped via other freight carriers.

5Do they have location restrictions?


6Do they offer gift cards?

Yes, you can buy a physical gift card or an e-card. The maximum amount is $1000, but you can always check with the customer support for a bigger one.

Customer Reviews

Based on 373 reviews
Lihuen Zlatohlavek
Lihuen Zlatohlavek
20:23 24 Jul 19
It’s hit and miss here, sometimes they have amazing steals and sometimes there’s not much to look at. It’s always fun to look around and see what you can find. The cashier was super friendly and helpful! The guys at the loading dock were amazing! They helped us take things apart and load everything into our tiny car! 10/10 for customer service!
18:40 17 Jul 19
Just found out about this place. So far so good Reasonable products and prices Will update further.
Cecilia Prieto
Cecilia Prieto
16:57 12 Jul 19
I'm always able to find some cool items at a reduced price.
Kevin Chittenden
Kevin Chittenden
02:51 11 Jul 19
Wow this place has a decent amount of stuff for a really good price. The discount is constantly changing, probably has to do with supply and to demand ad things toll in and out. I'm guessing the other reviews saying the prices were too high didn't read the big white boards that said 70% off unless final price is indicated... Ladies up front let me know when they may get a few of the items I was looking for, and that I can call ahead to see if they are there instead of driving in. They also have people who can help you carry things to your car.
Sterling Chin
Sterling Chin
20:26 11 May 19
Follow their Facebook group and find when the big sales are. We've bought $1000 couches for less than $200. Dining room chairs for less than $60. We purchased an amazing $800 rug for $58 during one of their sales.Not everything is new or scratch free, but this is one of the diamond in the rough places. We love coming here.
Mike Terry
Mike Terry
19:19 12 Jan 19
Its a big warehouse with a lot of housewares and a some clothing and electronics. Most of the stuff had really good pricing, even lower than what can be found on the website. If you want more than what they have you can pay the low outlet price for what's there and then buy the rest of the set online. The warehouse is not heated so take a coat in winter.
Jordan Colton
Jordan Colton
03:42 07 Dec 18
Love this place! You'll never know what's there but you can for sure find gems which we did! New desks for us and a beautiful bedroom dresser for super cheap! Well worth the drive up there!
Cra'Shae C.
Cra'Shae C.
18:29 12 Jul 17
Karim and Valerie were great! Very pleasantly pair and worked with me on purchasing my bedroom set. They even went the extra mile to ensure I could get the...