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Store Name: Target

Store Description: A tremendously big merchandise retailer with a competitive chain of stores located in every state of America. They're selling almost everything a family may need, but their furniture section deserves a separate review since it's quite big and has its pros and cons. With more than 1,800 offline stores in the US, Target can be your closest stop in furniture and home decor shopping. Our review encapsulates every in and out of furniture shopping with Target.

Price range: Affordable

Telephone: 1-800-591-3869


There is an obvious benefit that you get while shopping at Target. Since they not only tend to hand-select the product they sell but also collaborate with designers and furniture production companies for ‘only-at-Target’ limited editions.

In general, Target offers you a robust selection of interior and furniture products; the brands are either widely known national brands or exclusive products that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. While this may sound like empty talk, Target does offer a lot of exclusive-availability furniture and home goods, making the shopping experience beneficial for anyone.

  • Product quality
  • Delivery
  • Value for money
  • Website ease of use
  • Product information
  • Product images
  • Product options
  • Returns & Refunds
  • Warranty
  • Store support
  • Payment options
  • Discounts
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  • They have a lot of stores in every state
  • Good price/quality ratio
  • Affordable pricing categories
  • Many deals, sales, and special offers
  • Many delivery options (same day, next day, regular, etc.)


  • Some of their products cannot be shipped worldwide, to Alaska and Hawaii
  • It’s mass-market, so some of the product may not have full information or images
  • For the same reason, Target is not able to perform a quality check on every single item
  • Dealing with their customer service can be hard, cause this is a massive company with thousands of undergoing issues with the customers

Product range

Your interaction with the Target website may be overwhelming due to the fact that furniture and home decor is not the only category that Target operates in. But once you open the furniture category, you will see the exclusive landing page with all the deals, filters, exclusive offers, and subcategories to browse. Your experience with the furniture category will be quite smooth. It feels like a separate website inside a website.

We just wanted to highlight that Target is enormous when it comes to the range of products that they offer. And the furniture department itself is vast as well.

Target covers every subcategory of home goods and furniture. You will find here sofas, sectionals, tables, armchairs, accent furniture, small decor elements, etc. Everything is available online and in offline stores.

What makes this store good

  • Plenty of offline stores. Statistics say that an average American has a Target store in a 10 miles zone
  • All the national bestselling furniture and home goods brands available online and offline
  • Exclusive products that are available only through Target (including limited edition collaborations)
  • Reasonable pricing, it’s not a luxury-only brand, it’s a mass-market merchandise provider
  • The trustworthy brand with a name and history



You can use filters to see the pricey options and more affordable furniture pieces. We believe that the overall Target pricing policy fits the ‘affordable’ niche. Also, it’s really convenient that you can choose a price range in every subcategory to start shopping.

The average prices vary, but here are the most popular items and their starting prices:

  • Sofas — starting with $197
  • Coffee tables — starting with $44
  • Chairs — starting with $55
  • TV Stands — starting with $31
  • Office chairs — starting with $29
  • Dining tables — starting with $68

Editorial rating

Product quality – 4
It’s mass-market and, of course, you won’t see custom-made and made-to-order luxurious furniture pieces. However, you will have a fair price for a product that will last a reasonable amount of time. Products do not look cheap, and the price tag is affordable.

Delivery – 4.5
They have different delivery options. You can get the same-day delivery, pick up the product from the store, or wait for the regular shipping period. You can also get a next day delivery. The regular shipping is free and takes around 2 business days.

Value for money — 4
Basically, Target is an excellent place to shop if you want to furnish your apartment without breaking a bank. The value complements the price; it’s reasonable and fair.

Website ease of use – 5
The first thing you notice is how fast the website is. The page speed is fantastic; the design is straightforward. Therefore, your experience with their website will be neat. However, if you’re browsing from your mobile phone, using their app will be even better.


Product information – 4.5
You can note that they really try to provide the most. However, since they manage thousands of products( hundreds of thousands to be more precise), they may not have some pieces of information available at the moment. You can call their customer service and ask them to double-check the required information with the manufacturer for you. Most of the time, they will do that.

Product images – 5
They have plenty of images available for your review. They even add the videos to the gallery section, so you could see more before you buy. It’s very convenient and nice of them. Having this many pictures, you will be able to see the product from every angle and make an informed decision.

Product options – 4
It usually depends on the product and the manufacturer you browse. Some of the most popular bestsellers have a few additional colors and materials to choose from. Since most of the brands are mass-market, you will be able to review a few additional versions of them on Target and choose the best one suiting your home.

Support – 4.5
They give you separate phone numbers and emails for different kinds of issues. This is super-convenient, so you won’t have to wait while you’re being transferred to the proper specialist.

Offline Stores
You can visit any of their than 1,800 offline stores in the US. They’re present in every state. Pick up your product, process a return, anything can be done in the offline store. This is awesome.

Mobile App
Target offers both iOS and Android apps. Their app for Apple devices is very highly regarded with a rating of 4.9 stars. This is very nice; they app feels very convenient, fast, and easy to use.

Warranty — 3
They do not state anything about the warranty on the product pages, so you will have to check this information with them during the purchase. Also, they try to sell you the additional protection plan instead of making you pay more for the end product.

Returns & Refunds – 4
You have 90 days to return any unused product in a new condition. You will have to use the original packaging and send the product back for a refund or exchange. The customer service department must authorize returns.

You can find eco-friendly furniture and home goods by the keyword ‘eco-friendly,’ but they do not have a separate section for that. So basically, you will have to put in some efforts to locate this kind of products.

Country of production
Target states that they offer most of the national-recognized brands and also pick the most prominent items that are not available anywhere in the US.

Discounts/coupons – 5
As a giant chain franchise, they have numerous discounts and special offers throughout the year. You can hunt down excellent deals if you keep the newsletter subscription and regularly check the sale category of the website. They offer weekly deals, liquidation, exclusive club deals, etc.

Payment options — 4
Target accepts Credit Cards, PayPal, and own gift cards.


Target bestsellers

Recommended if

  • You’re in a hunt for a reasonable price/quality ratio
  • You’re looking for affordable furniture and home goods
  • You want to pick up your product in the offline store and have a look at it before you buy it
  • You want to access exclusive furniture that is available only in Target

Not recommended if

  • You’re looking for luxurious furniture pieces with custom-made features
  • You live in Alaska and Hawaii (you may have problems with specific products when it comes to delivery)
  • You’re not a fan of mass-market brands and want something more exotic

Is this shop legit?

Sure. It’s a well-known brand with more than a thousand offline stores that generate billions of dollars in revenue. Target is a name that any American knows and recognizes.


1Do I need to sign up to make a purchase?

Yes, Target requires you to create a new account or sign in to check out.

2Can I track my order after the purchase?

Yes, on the Target website and the site of the shipping company.

3Do they provide tracking numbers for the shipped packages?

Sure, you can always check the status of your order on the website and get a tracking number there. Also, you will receive a tracking number for your order in the email that Target will send you after your product is shipped.

4What delivery services they use?

You can either pick the product up in the local store or get a type of delivery that suits you (same-day delivery, regular, etc.). They use UPS, USPS, and FedEx.

5Do they have location restrictions?

Target is available in every state and has more than a thousand of offline stores. Back in 2015, Target announced that they’re now shoppable worldwide. They do have a few restrictions, including the shipments to Alaska and Hawaii. Some of their products will not be shipped there, but all of them will have a special note in the product description (these include the heavy-duty product and other items that may be hard to ship).

Some international product may have location restrictions as well, make sure you check the product’s description carefully.

6Do they offer gift cards?

Target offers gift cards with a balance of up to $1,500. They provide you with a variety of design options to cover any occasion. You can also check the credit card balance online at any time, pick the physical gift card in the offline store, or order delivery, get an email and text version of the card.

Customer reviews

Based on 1337 reviews
Renee M.
Renee M.
10:13 15 Mar 20
I'm so grateful for the management of this Target location. My family was able to get much needed toilet paper and other needs because they are only...
Prince_ P.
Prince_ P.
23:06 21 Feb 20
I ran into a young woman named Michelle working in the Baby Essentials section who was beyond helpful! My wife and I are expecting twins, so It was very...
Shadoe Vega
Shadoe Vega
03:17 10 Feb 20
Good store. I didn’t know this was here. I was always going to J&R music world before they closed down. One problem about this target is when I go in on a release date of a movie (hustlers) a month ago the website said they had in this location. But when I looked they didn’t. I had to ask someone who worked there and they had it in the back. They don’t put the movies on shelf’s which is dumb. How do you expect people to know you have a movie when you don’t stock the shelves. I was lucky because the worker was nice to me. He got me a copy from the back, I say I was lucky because some people are rude and try to avoid doing work and they could have easily lied and said no they don’t have so they won’t have to look.
Shelly Westerman
Shelly Westerman
17:31 29 Jan 20
I love the Target pick up service. I only needed one quick thing. I ordered it the night before - popped by the store in the morning and went right to the front counter. I was in and out in minutes. PERFECT.
Andrea Rivas
Andrea Rivas
02:22 21 Jan 20
Prices and it's nice you can pick up medication, food and household items. Target is extremely convenient.
Latosha Mayhan
Latosha Mayhan
15:52 08 Jan 20
I can never stay out of Target, they always have a wide selection items, customer service is a perfect 10. I prefer this Target opposed to the others around the city.
Elaine Hawkins
Elaine Hawkins
18:21 07 Dec 19
Nice bargain coupon & discount and fruits , meat , vegetables and beauty healthcare.
Michael Palmer
Michael Palmer
04:18 05 Dec 19
It was fast and easy process to pick up my order.
Last year, for Christmas, my silly little baby brother, broke the star to our Christmas tree. My parents sent me here to get a new one, and I had a happy experience, as the staff were so friendly to me and helped me find the right item. This is probably my favorite Target in the city, along with the one in Kips Bay.
Yuna K.
Yuna K.
23:21 02 Nov 19
Long overdue 5 stars to well deserved location! Couple of years ago during this time of year, I dropped $100 bill accidentally near cash register. I...
Sabrina Adaba
Sabrina Adaba
14:44 16 Jul 19
The order to pick up option is BOMB. I work down the street and whenever I need to pick up body wash, electric toothbrush replacement heads, tampons, etc., I go on the website, check the "order to pick up" option, and shop at work. During my lunch break or right before I'm about to leave, I stop by the customer service registers right near the entrance and pick up my stuff. I've never waited more than 2 minutes for someone to help me and the whole interaction usually takes no more than 2-3 minutes. It's perfect!
Portia B.
Portia B.
10:31 10 Jul 19
The customer service is usually fine when I visit Target, but this location definitely has the nicest employees I've met!I recently when in to finally...
19:42 02 Jun 19
For an in-city department store, this location is pretty large. You can find most items you're needing here. Shipping is easy with checkouts offering numerous lanes and self-checkouts. A phone charging station is free for use and easy to use as well.
Sharon Man
Sharon Man
22:57 28 May 19
I love the convenient location and overall level of service (far friendlier than Atlantic Ave, a lot less friendly than suburban Target). Stock varies. They run out of skim and whole milk regularly, for example. There are two fitting rooms in the store and the folks who try things on seem to take 20 minutes. Not sure what is going on there - may be good for the store to find out if there's weird shoplifting or other aberrant behavior.

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Furniture consultant and founder , FurnitureCap
Hi, I’m a furniture consultant with the industry expertise. I worked with the most prominent furniture and home goods retailers in the US and had a chance to see this industry from the inside. My 8+ years of experience in furniture production management made it clear for me how crucial it is to know what stores and manufacturers you can or cannot trust.
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